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Public Training
Each year, we offer public training to organizations across the Vietnam on productivity and quality-related topics such as Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma tools, performance excellence, balance scorecard, supply chain management. More than 100 courses are offered each year on a variety of productivity and quality-related topics. Normally training is offered in HCM, HN, Da Nang, Can Tho areas; facilities are comfortable and convenient. Courses are open to anyone who registers. Public training is a convenient, low-cost way to train a single person or a small group of employees. Training is delivered by a credible, experienced subject matter experts. Students benefit from learning alongside people from other organizations and sectors, who can provide complementary perspectives.
On Site Training
On-site training is a cost-effective, flexible, confidential way to train your employees at the location of your choice. Both standard training programs and/or customized training can be presented at your site. For customized performance improvement training, our experts work with your staff to create the right programs for your industry, your culture, and your goals—with measurable results. Our performance improvement courses are tailored to your industry and your organization. Our trainers are experienced, dynamic, and thoroughly versed in their areas of expertise. Our on-site training tends to be a more cost-effective alternative for groups of five or more.
Coaching Services
To ensure success from the classroom to the field, CICC provides coaching designed to ensure that learning is effectively implemented at the organizational level.
Curriculum Development and Customization
CICC works with organizations to develop training curricula designed to assist our customers in achieving and maintaining optimum employee performance. A well-planned training curriculum, one that is closely aligned with your organization’s goals, results in two key benefits: It provides confidence that the strategy and performance goals set forth by the organization are clearly communicated. It allows the organization to determine those who require training in certain disciplines in order for them to perform at their best. Our subject matter experts and training design and curriculum development experts work with you to design a curriculum that is tailored to your employee’s performance goals and to your organization’s business objectives. We deliver fully interactive training programs that are comprehensive, effective, and flexible.
Sustainable Performance
Performance excellence—the ability to create value for customers, employees, and investors—is a common theme among the best performing organizations in the world. CICC’s Performance Excellence Practice helps organizations create sustainable value by addressing the needs of those three key groups. Sustainable Performance Management Teams Assessment Services In addition to providing directed  Performance Excellence consulting services, we offer a comprehensive suite of Performance Excellence training courses. All of our Performance Excellence courses can be customized for your organization.